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Teacher Planner Bundle

Take charge of your days, weeks, and months while you keep it together in any 8.5″ x 11″ binder. This download includes:

A fun planner Cover Sheet. Turn any clear-front binder into your personalized planner with this trendy printable.

A Roster Sheet. Choose from a 10 x 29, 18 x 25, or a 29-space grid for marking progress. Created with setting great goals and habits in mind, these charts will help you track homework, attendance, classroom habits, or an incentive system for your students.

Customizable Monthly Calendar. Hang it in plain view or take it with you, it’s the perfect way to keep up with what’s happening.

Need more room? There’s a Customizable 2-page Monthly Calendar too! With space along the bottom for important reminders and room alongside each week for notes or supply lists, you can see the month ahead across the whole spread.

Customizable 5 day Weekly Calendars. It’s all laid out on a one-page 8-subject calendar. Customize the dates and subjects for a look at the week ahead.

Need more room? There’s a Customizable 2-page Weekly Calendar too! With space for 6  subjects and room for notes or supply lists.

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Teachers Rainbow Lesson Plans Bundle

Color Coded Organizing

Teachers Rainbow Lesson Plans Bundle:

Organize your small groups or class rotations with these printable 6-color rainbow planning pages. You get 6 pages of color-coded organizing resources.

Color coding small groups has never been easier with the rainbow Small Group Tracker pages. Choose from 3 or 4 columns for planning small group sessions or keeping track of student progress on a single page.

Plan each day the smart way with the single page Weekly Lesson Planner printables. Organize each subject by color to plan a week of lessons or sub plans with ease! Combine this printable with rainbow folders or a spiral divider and have the week’s resources at your fingertips.

Need more room? Try the 2-page Weekly Lesson Planner spread! Organize each subject by color to plan a week of lessons or sub plans with ease! Combine this printable with rainbow folders or a spiral divider and have the week’s resources at your fingertips.

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School Year Questionnaire Photo Inserts

Capture more than just a smile.

School Year Questionnaire Photo Inserts

Add memories to any back to school photos with these School Year Questionnaire Photo Inserts!

Bright fun colors. Easy to print in both 4 x 6 inch and 5 x 7 inch standard photo sizes.

A few quick questions add fun to the traditional first day of school photo op. Print out one for each year of school and keep the tradition going in your photo albums and scrapbooks.

Enjoy looking back at the answers year after year.

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 Home School Student Planner Bundle

Get Home Schooling Started on the Right Track.

 Home School Student Planner Bundle

Organize your students’ school day plus track habits and routines. This 11-page bundle has everything your student needs for success. Just add curriculum!

Binder Cover Insert for personalizing the student planner.

A Daily Schedule to display or include in the planner.

Weekly Progress Sheet tracks assignments, chores, reading minutes, physical activity, and mood!

A Goals sheet for making big goals that can be divided into smaller steps.

A Library Book log and Reading Wish List for keeping up with the best literature (and avoiding fines).

Reading Log keeps up with books read and a 5-star rating system tells parents which books were best!

Who could be without a Password Reminder sheet? No more forgotten passwords when you need them.

Print as many Field Trip Evaluation sheets as you need to turn trips to the park into learning adventures.

The Weekly Assignments Calendar is perfect to display or keep inside the planner. With space for 8 subjects, you can plan the whole week’s work and track accountability each day.

Attendance Tracker allows you to mark each of 180 days of school so you know when the countdown to summer can begin.

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