If you’re like me, you are doing most of your Christmas shopping online. Which means you have all of these boxes. Instead of tossing them in the recycling bin, we have a simple DIY project that will also solve a broken ornament problem.

You can purchase items like we are about to create, but this is completely FREE, and those storage containers can be pricey. Plus, this project doesn’t take up much time as you are about to see.

What you will need:



Scissors or box cutter (box cutter is a lot easier and faster when cutting the cardboard)

diy ornament storage using popnstore and amazon boxes

First, you will want to do is measure the inside of your box, L x W x H.

You will be making two sets of divider pieces. The first cardboard piece will run length of your box and then the other will be inserted into each of those pieces for the width.

diy ornament storage using popnstore and amazon boxes

diy ornament storage using popnstore and amazon boxes

To figure out how large you should make the spaces between your sectional pieces, we took an ornament and measured how wide it was. This project is great for ornaments of all sizes. You can customize it how you need to instead of a slot being too large or small for a particular ornament. This ensures the true safety of your prized possessions.

diy ornament storage using popnstore and amazon boxes

Then we took our box cutter and cut a slit in the ‘length’ cardboard piece.

Tip: See how thick the cardboard is that you are using. For some, you may need a larger slit, whereas with the Amazon box the slit worked perfectly without having to widen the slit.

You will then want to measure the width and place those pieces into your pieces with the slits.

As you can see the two pieces fit together perfectly, and the ornaments are going nowhere.

With most boxes, you should be able to add multiple layers (depending on how tall the box is). Just put a cardboard piece between each layer and go through the steps again to create more places for your ornaments.

And you’re done!! What would you like us to do next!?