Making Lists and Checking Them Twice…

Traveling at any point in the year can be a struggle with kids.

What does that also mean, probably a lot of time in the car or in an airport with the kiddos. And keeping them occupied can sometimes be a struggle. We created free printables to help detour the dreaded “are we there yet” question. We also went a step further and used this duo organizer to keep everything in one place.

But let’s start out with the beginning stages of your upcoming trip. An organized travel starts out with a lot of google searches to even narrow down where you will be traveling to. Especially if you are trying to find a kid-friendly vacation. Or if you are traveling for the holidays, there are still pre-planning itineraries to keep in mind.

Once you have concluded on where you’ll be traveling, then you have to search for hotels, flights, car rentals, etc. When you have everything booked, instead of re-clicking into each reservation email, write everything on our itinerary printable.

We inserted some sheet protectors (because we love sheet protectors) and placed our itinerary, pet sitter, and packing checklist in the binder portion of the duo organizer. This allowed us to keep everything within reach.

Have pets? We have them covered in our traveling organizing checklist too! Write out everything your pet sitter or daycare could possibly need.

Then we created an easy packing list. A separate one for you and then another packing list for the kids.

(One reason why we love sheet protectors is that you can write on them with a dry erase marker and not have to worry about reprinting these lists.) 

We made a few of our favorite travel games for kids into printouts. Enjoy these free car games with a simple click of your finger. Our favorite travel activities include hangman, tic tac toe, road trip bingo, and the license plate game.

Vacation binder - Samsill - Duo binder - Free printables - road trip games - toddlers

Games Rules

Hangman: One person starts out by coming up with a word or phrase for another person to guess. Draw a line for each letter that makes up the word or phrase. Each letter that is guessed correctly will be added to the puzzle. For each letter that isn’t in the puzzle a piece of a stick figure is drawn. The losing person will have each part of the stick figure drawn, including the head, body, both arms, and both legs. Each part of the body counts as a strike.

Road Trip Bingo: each person gets a board game. Basically, whenever something is found on the road trip, like a plane for example, then that square would be marked with an object or it can be colored in. There are three different games included in the printables.

The License Plate Game: Whenever a person spots a certain state’s license plate, they then would color in or mark the square they found. This is a fun game to look back on when your road trip is completed to see how many states you encountered.

We also included a few coloring pages in our printables.

Using these nifty pockets we were able to put our printables and a few extra magazines and coloring books to ensure a quiet trip. This worked perfectly because everything we needed was all in one spot, but also divided into one pocket for games and another pocket for coloring.

Vacation binder - Samsill - Duo binder - road trip organization - vacation organization

Vacation binder - Samsill - Duo binder - vacation printables - vacation - vacation organization - vacation games - games for kids

Some other ideas include:

  • Learning practices: Keep them on their toes and brains sharp with these activities they can do on their iPad.
  • Make a DIY Lego set. We found this easy project on Pinterest that would be perfect for traveling with kids.
  • If you’re traveling with toddlers here are some great ideas to keep them occupied.


How do you keep your family travels organized and less stressful?

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