Prepare Thanksgiving Meal with TWO Steps!

Rewind 3 years and it was my first time making Thanksgiving dinner. And of course, I wanted it to be perfect and inevitably made mistakes along the way. Ingredient substitutions had to be made, reheating the green bean casserole happened a couple times, and the turkey was dry. Like really dry…. I know I’m not [...]

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7 Gift Guides you Need for Amazon Shopping

It's that time of year again, where we search and search for the perfect gift for our loved ones, friends, and coworkers. Tired of doing the searching? We did the research for you and put everything together for any person in your life!   Have a Game of Throne lover, we found the best supplies [...]

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10 Gifts for Mom You Can Buy on Amazon

  You might be thinking to yourself, what do I get if a person has everything? We did some digging on Amazon and found these 10 products that are hidden gems and will make perfect gifts for her.   With over 20,000 reviews and 4.5 star rating, this instant pot is needed in any kitchen. She [...]

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12 Gifts for Him That You Can Grab on Amazon

  The things he needs but won’t buy for himself. We found 13  gifts that he can put to good use. (While ordering on Amazon is a lifesaver, make sure you take the necessary precautions for snooping eyes with Amazon Household. And make sure to clear your browsing history so Amazon can’t recommend offers related [...]

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7 Office Gifts for the Game of Thrones Fan

Millions of people watch Game of Thrones, so the odds of you shopping for someone for Christmas that loves this popular TV show is pretty great. We found 7 gift ideas that any GOT fan will love for their office! For all the Game of Thrones fans. A dragon stapler is sure to frighten off any [...]

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11 Gifts for Law Students on Amazon

Law school isn’t cheap. Help them by getting the things they would like but can’t afford because the cost of textbooks has taken most of their budget.   Law students give the term “all-nighter” an entirely different meaning. They aren’t only pulling all-nighters for midterms and finals but throughout the entire semester. Help them out [...]

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My First Year of Bullet Journaling…Will I Continue?

Ending a journal is a bittersweet emotion. It’s like that feeling when you turn the last page of a book. It’s this emotional connection of something ending. This journal has been beside you through creative ups and downs. Memories have been logged but never forgotten. To do lists that still have items that need crossed [...]

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12 Halloween Costumes Perfect for Work

Instead of walking into a Halloween store (that probably doesn’t have anything appropriate for a work environment) we put together some ideas that are budget and work friendly. First decide if you will be dressing up as a group or as an individual. Some employers encourage group costumes because they allow employees to work together [...]

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