“Always speak the truth, think before you speak, and write it down afterwards.”  – Lewis Carroll

There’s no denying that writing down your thoughts can help organize your brain. Our lives are busier than ever before and trying to keep everything organized can be overwhelming. We love the bullet journal method because you can shape your to-do lists the way you want to. Instead of shuffling through pages that you don’t use or want, so grab a journal and get started! (It can also make for a cute Instagram post.)

We found 5 of our favorite journal spreads that will help you rock it this school year.


Important Dates

Knowing when an exam or big project is due is crucial. These contribute to large parts of your grade and something that you want to take seriously and plan for. Knowing these huge dates at the beginning of the year will help you plan more effectively. So, gather all your syllabi and on your calendar, mark every important date. That way you know which weeks will be more hectic than others. Or when a vacation day is coming up. Keep this in the front of your journal for an easy reference guide and you will be all set!

Tip: Get a journal that already has lines within the sheets. This helps save time when individual lines are needed.

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Grade Tracking

Don’t be surprised when you’re report card comes around. Tracking your grades can make a whole difference on what your final grade reflects. In doing this you can also see where your strengths and weaknesses are. Maybe by looking at this your English grades are spot on, but maybe overall your math needs a little help.

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Note Taking

Rewriting your notes is proven to help memory retention. According to a study by Princeton University and UCLA, “students who write out their notes by hand actually learn more than those to type their notes on laptops.”

Don’t just rewrite your notes. That defeats the purpose. Take your first set of notes in a separate notebook. Then once you are ready to prepare for an exam look over those notes, compare those with PowerPoints and the textbook and make a final draft in your journal. This is also a great way for having a one stop place of VALUABLE information that is organized for when mid-terms and final exams roll around.

Tip: It can also be helpful to coordinate with colors. Read more on color coordinating and mind mapping here




If you plan to make weekly layouts, take note on what the weather is going to be for that week. That way there are no surprises if you need to find your rain gear. This will also help you decrease your time in the mornings trying to figure out what to wear.

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Keep it Fun

Although majority of your journal is for organizing your life. Don’t forget to have a little fun. One way in doing so is going through your text messages for the week and jotting down your favorites. If you do this all year long it will be fun to look back at memories you may have forgotten about.

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How do you stay organized during the school year? Let us know in the comments!


Product used – Samsill Black Journal another one of our favorite journals is our Antique Journal.