Samsill Corporation celebrates 70 years in business as a family-owned company on April 1st 2023. We are proud to be the only mass binder manufacturer in the USA. Our story began in 1941 in Seymour, Texas. Cecil and Tirey Samsill set out on a mission to go into business together, and that’s exactly what they did. The two brothers started the business as ‘Samsill Brothers Plastic Company’ and their first products were menu covers, protectors, and cardholders. Over the years the company evolved to Samsill Corporation, and expanded its product offerings to new heights.

Over the span of 70 years, Samsill has reached many significant milestones and achievements shaping our business. Click here to see our full story.


Key Milestones

  • 1957 – Samsill’s first product catalog printed
  • 1970s – National recognition in category
  • 1983 – Classic Collection® introduced as first business accessories line
  • 1989 – Breaks ground on a new facility
  • 1999 – Establishes import partnerships in China and Mexico
  • 2005 – Creates the first antimicrobial binder
  • 2010 – Introduces the first plant-based binder, Earth’s Choice™
Work at Samsill Fort Worth

Each milestone pushed our products to a global scale, expanding Samsill as a leading brand in the industry of binders and office supplies.

As the company enters its 70th year of business, we are focused on Success Through Simplicity to emphasize quality, culture, excellence, and communication. These core values have enabled us to maintain active family leadership and retain employees with long tenures. Both essential to our long-term success and stability.

Moving forward, we aim to expand our Plant-based binders to promote sustainability. Our commitment to reducing environmental impact has made us a leader in the community, and we will continue to shape the future of office supplies through innovation and culture.

We remain grateful for our employees, customers, and partners who have supported us throughout this journey, and look forward to continuing to grow and evolve together. Here’s to another 70 years of success and excellence!