March 8th 2023 marks the first annual National Biobased Product Day in an effort to bring awareness to businesses that provide biobased products. The fight against climate change has been an ongoing effort, and we can make a positive impact with every purchase decision we make. This day is being celebrated to educate others on the importance of sustainable development in the marketplace and how we can contribute to reducing the negative impacts of plastic production. The more consumers who know about businesses that sell ecofriendly products, the better chance we have at saving the planet from toxic waste and pollution.


Here at Samsill, we strive to take the necessary steps toward using bioplastic and recycled materials to lead the world to a more sustainable and ecofriendly future. We take pride in being the only mass manufacturer of plant-based binders right here in the USA.


Our Earth’s Choice™ plant-based binders are made from bioplastic, a unique material which is chemically identical to regular plastic made from fossil fuels, but it’s made from Brazillian sugarcane and plant starch. By using 100% recycled chipboards and bioplastic made from a renewable and sustainable source, we’re able to produce a more eco-friendly binder. Take a look at the process graph below to see the step-by-step process of how plant-based plastic is made:

How plant-based bioplastic is made from sugarcane

Our Earth’s Choice™ binders are USDA certified biobased products and come in a variety of colors to keep your office or home space fresh and vibrant. Making the switch to a more sustainable option positively impacts the Earth, one product at a time. Consider some of the benefits of choosing plant-based binders:

  • Energy conservation
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Capture atmospheric carbon


Supporting National Biobased Product Day helps promote sustainability and educates consumers to make informed purchase decisions for ecofriendly products over alternative, non-renewable products. We encourage you to be a part of the growing change and take charge of your purchasing power with products you can feel good about.

Earth's Choice plant-based ring binders

Take part in National Biobased Product Day by supporting businesses that are eco-minded and always consider ecofriendly product alternatives. Every biobased product brings us that much closer to a brighter future.


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