dry erase reusable grocery list

It’s always important to find conscious ways to reduce waste and this reusable grocery list does just that. Printable grocery lists inside a sheet protector make a simple and effective reusable shopping list. Use it again and again without wasting paper.

To make your dry erase shopping list, you’ll need:

  • Samsill secure top sheet protector
  • dry erase markers
  • magnet or tape
  • Our printable template

It’s easy to make.

1. Download and print shopping template from our website.

2. Place inside sheet protector and secure the top closure to make sure it doesn’t fall out!

3. Place on your fridge with a magnet or hang it in your kitchen.

Anytime you run out of something in the fridge or pantry, add to your grocery list with a dry erase marker and you’ll be ready to go on shopping day. The best thing about this dry erase grocery list is you can take the entire sheet with you to the store and get everything you need.

The dry erase grocery list is a great strategy to reduce clutter and keep your kitchen organized. For best use, follow these tips:

1. Use a fine point dry eraser marker for clear writing and more room.

2. Store markers upright to prevent drying out too quickly.

3. Use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching while erasing to reuse.

Whether you’re a busy mom, a college student, or you just need a better solution for your grocery shopping take the stress out of shopping! Get everything you are there for to make your next meal delicious.

dry erase reusable grocery list, sheet protector