Start Off Your New Year By Making…

January. New Year Resolutions. Goals. Are you tired of all these articles telling you what you already know? Could we all get healthier…yes. Should most of us lose a couple of LB’s…. probably. But everyone tells you that you should do these things, but no one tells you how. The “how” is usually such a [...]

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No More Broken Ornaments With This DIY Project

  If you’re like me, you are doing most of your Christmas shopping online. Which means you have all of these boxes. Instead of tossing them in the recycling bin, we have a simple DIY project that will also solve a broken ornament problem. You can purchase items like we are about to create, but [...]

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Favorite Christmas Journal Printables

Celebrating the holidays is more fun when you can decorate your journal! And by decorating we mean printing out quotes or pictures and putting them in your clear view journal. Each season or special event we will make new printables specifically for your journal! Tell us what you would like us to develop in the [...]

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Making Lists and Checking Them Twice…

Traveling at any point in the year can be a struggle with kids. What does that also mean, probably a lot of time in the car or in an airport with the kiddos. And keeping them occupied can sometimes be a struggle. We created free printables to help detour the dreaded “are we there yet” [...]

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