5 Bullet Journal Spreads Every Student Needs

“Always speak the truth, think before you speak, and write it down afterwards.”  - Lewis Carroll There’s no denying that writing down your thoughts can help organize your brain. Our lives are busier than ever before and trying to keep everything organized can be overwhelming. We love the bullet journal method because you can shape [...]

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First & Last Day of School Printables

Can you go back and remember how the first day of school felt when you were a kid? Not being able to sleep the night before, the restlessness and nerves of seeing your friends. How about having to decide what you were going to wear? And mom had to get that picture of you all [...]

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Color Coordinating with Binders

Have you ever had to take everything out of your backpack only to find the last thing that you grab is what you were looking for? Instead of taking everything out of a backpack, try color coordinating which subjects equal a certain color. This will also help with back to school and keeping kids organized. Michael [...]

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6 Going Green Must Haves

Shopping online can give you (the parent) more control over your budget and the freedom to price match for back to school. Your kids will be equally as excited to get a package in the mail of all their supplies (maybe keep some fun items for the store) than if they were to go shopping. [...]

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