Top 10 Green Cities in the USA

Green cities or sustainable cities or eco cities are those cities that are designed while considering the impact that the city and the people living in it will have on the environment. There are a lot of different criteria that are looked into before declaring a city as a green city and it has now [...]

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What is Polypropylene?

If you have recently shopped for binders, you may have noticed that many of them claim to be PVC free. Which sounds good but what exactly does it mean? The part of the binder that is made out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is the cover so it is a type of plastic. Many companies have [...]

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Art Students Transform Everyday School Supply into Art

Samsill provided Sharpie markers and over 300 binder flats to art students at the Lake Highlands Freshman Center and Harker Heights High School.  Students were given the binder flats as their medium to draw or paint on the flat as they would a canvas.  Rings were then added to the binder flats and returned to [...]

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