Ergonomic Micro-Break Tips

Many of today’s work environments entail sitting for long stretches of time in front of a computer screen. Since the human body is designed to move, this static posturing is known to decrease blood flow, cause stiff muscles and joints, and increases the risk of office-related injuries such as back and neck pain and worker’s [...]

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5 Awesome Hacks To Boost Your Office Productivity

We all want to get more done at the office – at least, most of us do. But the truth is that an office environment isn’t always that effective for getting quality work done. What can you do to stay focused and maximize your productivity and minimize your workday? Here are 5 tips that should [...]

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Unique Office Accessories to Brighten Up Your Workspace

Whether you work from home or you have your own space in an office, the term ‘desk job’ doesn’t have to send a chill up your spine. In today’s working world, we are lucky to have access to a wide range of office solutions and accessories, making office life a lot more pleasant and an overall enjoyable [...]

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How to Improve Office Space

Learning how to utilize your work space can determine how productive you are in the office. Choosing storage that is designed to be efficient is definitely worth the investment, and being organized in your space will motivate you to be organized with your work. Here are some tips for improving your own corner of the company.   […]

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