The Best NYC Coffee Shops to Work Out Of

You’re visiting New York on business. You’ve booked a hotel and arranged to meet that friend from college. Naturally, you’re bringing your laptop to finish those reports for work. The only question is where can you plug in your computer to knuckle down to some hard graft? Sure, there’s the public library, but libraries are [...]

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Samsill Launches New Fashion Color iPad Cases

Samsill Corporation announces the launch of its newest line of Fashion iPad Cases for 2013.  Samsill Corporation announces the launch of its newest line of Fashion iPad Cases for 2013. The Fashion iPad Cases are a one piece folio design offered in four bright fashion colors with a diamond debossed design to provide a stylish [...]

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5 Tips for Staying Waste-Free at Work

We talked about tips on how to make your office a little greener, now here are a few guidelines how to make yourself waste-free at work from Earth911.  It’s tough to keep environmental impact at a minimum while you’re away from home. And when you’re in a highly-regimented environment like the office, reducing waste and [...]

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Microsoft Traveler Laptop Backpack Review by

I’ve some exciting, retail-oriented news for all business travelers out there – Samsill, one of the biggest and most trusted manufacturing corporations in the world, has made available the brand new Microsoft Traveler Laptop Backpack. It’s supposedly designed for “the casual business professional with a mobile lifestyle”, which more or less describes yours truly, so who better [...]

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Pengertian pasaran handicap dalam permainan judi sbobet online

Dalam dunia perjudian ada tidak sedikit aspek yg mesti kita pahami dgn baik maka apa yg kita putuskan memang lah mempunyai keuntungan yg maksimal, dalam main-main judi sendiri terang seluruhnya orang tahu bahwa permainan judi yg ada di internet bukanlah permainan judi yg membutuhkan pengalaman yg lebih dalam, judi bukan cuma soal mempunyai jumlah duit yg tidak sedikit melainkan judi sbg salah satu alat buat melatih kesabaran & lumayan buat membuahkan keuntungan yg cukup. Salah satu permainan judi yg paling terkenal sampai kini ini ialah permainan judi Handicap. Bagi kamuyg sama sekali belum tahu apa itu permainan judi handicap, berikut ini merupakan sekian banyak type permainan judi yg paling tidak sedikit dimainkan oleh penjudi pemula ataupun penjudi kelas profesional. Seperti judi [...]

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Samsill Corporation Marks 60th Anniversary with Celebration

Samsill is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2013.  Family owned since 1953, Samsill has grown to an international corporation serving the office products, consumer electronics, and education markets.   Fort Worth, Texas, April 8, 2013 - Samsill Corporation is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2013, and is planning a yearlong celebration.  In addition to honoring [...]

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5 Green Tips for the Office

Even though every month is Earth month, April is the designated time to celebrate eco-friendly experiences, raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage sustainability. Union Station in Washington DC is holding the month-long celebration that includes a farmer’s market, green fashion show, science fair, and various exhibits. While most of us can’t make it to [...]

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Wellness at Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

April 1st through 6th is National Workplace Wellness week. This infographic from Intuit gives you some tips on how to create environments that alleviate stress and fatigue while promoting productivity and creativity. […]

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Etsy Office Supplies to Make Your Workspace More Eco-Friendly

For those of you that don’t know, Etsy is a virtual marketplace for people who hand craft items. This article from gives you some eco-friendly office products found on Etsy. Even if you don’t spend your days at a desk, you may have a home office for keeping your projects organized. In both of [...]

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