Fitness Planner – DIY Fitness and Exercise Planner

Holiday season is just around the corner and we all know what that means…holiday food! Between the mounds of creamy appetizers and sweet treats at holiday parties, it can be difficult sticking to your precisely planned diet and workout regimen. Luckily, we have just the solution to avoid holiday weight gain… a DIY fitness planner […]

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Greeting Card Organizer – Christmas, Birthday, etc…

Of course everyone loves getting greeting cards. They have creative messages and remind us that others care. But what happens to the cards when a holiday or birthday is over and you have to put them up? Most cards either get a) put in a junk drawer to never be seen again or b) stuffed in a shoebox among [...]

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Best Office Halloween Costume Ideas

Choosing the best office Halloween costume can be somewhat tricky. You will need to decide if you are doing a group costume or individual costume. Some employers encourage group costumes because they allow employees to work together while individual costumes give workers more variety and opportunity to be as creative as they want. Either way, dressing up [...]

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What to do with Old Ring Binders

Perhaps it was for an office presentation. Perhaps it was for a field research. Or perhaps it was for old thesis notes. Whichever way, paperwork eventually yields an inordinate amount of plastic folders, clear books, and archive folders that could clutter homes and workings spaces. While it is always a good idea to reuse them, [...]

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Why Buy American Made Products…the Top 10 Reasons

You may think twice about buying foreign products after reading the top 10 reasons why you should buy American made products. 1. Creates Jobs Each manufacturing job creates approximately 5 additional jobs such as positions in accounting, technical support, sales, and marketing. 2. Helps keep the American Economy Growing Profit earned from orders shipped abroad [...]

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