How To Insert a DXL Binder Spine Insert

This is a video tutorial on how to insert a spine insert into our DXL/Contour Binder.  Sometimes it can be tricky trying to get spine inserts into binders, especially ones with curved spines like our DXL Binder. We hope this video helps you cure those woes.     Cheers, Samsill Marketing

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How To Make a Catapult Out Of Office Supplies

One of our goals with this blog is to reach the world and let them know how cool office products & binders can be.  There are millions of things people can do with a simple binder or some everyday things in the office.  In the future we will be making more how-to videos to show [...]

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Office Supplies in the Movies – Stapler

As you all know we make binders, pad holders, business accessories, and other organization supplies for the office.  Those are all AWESOME products but there are other things that we use in the office that are pretty cool as well.  The Stapler is one of those products. We deal with a lot of paper, 1200+ [...]

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Antimicrobial from Agion Introduces Agion Active Base Layer

Samsill produces the most innovative products in the industry. Our Antimicrobial binder was the first of its kind and still is the best of its kind. Our Clean Touch Antimicrobial binder uses the All natural silver-based antimicrobial additive by Agion. It prevents the growth of bateria, mold and mildew of the binder's surface promoting cleaner offices, [...]

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8 Uses For Binders

The ring binder was first patented in 1854 and since then they have been used for many things. The binder is the most efficient way to organize all kinds of materials. Since binders come in different sizes, colors, materials, and capacities, they are a universal tool for any type of organizational need. Binders also allow the user to become creative in [...]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Saturday – Office Bliss

Being an office products company like us, we focus a lot of energy on how do our products make other office workers happy.  While our cool and innovative products can help, the most important thing is company culture. Read the post below from DailyInfographic. Call it a “case of the Mondays,” but surveys and studies [...]

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Elaborate Art on an Office Whiteboard

Samsill makes Binders, Ring Binders, View Binders, and a TON of Custom Binders. If we made white boards we would DEFINITELY hire this dude!  I want to know how he draws such awesome artwork on a whiteboard without smearing it with his hand… Crazy good office supply art!   […]

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