gift guide for her


You might be thinking to yourself, what do I get if a person has everything? We did some digging on Amazon and found these 10 products that are hidden gems and will make perfect gifts for her.


With over 20,000 reviews and 4.5 star rating, this instant pot is needed in any kitchen. She won’t have to stress about dinner with this guy!

Promising Review: “How did I cook without this??!! Delicious meals on the table in under an hour! Even if I forgot to thaw the meat!!! I’m halfway through a kitchen remodel right now & this has been a lifesaver!!” – Amazon Customer

Price: $84.95


Is she always misplacing her keys? Her purse? Link these items to her phone and add a tile and these problems will be no more!

Promising Review: “I’ve been using Tiles for over a year! My first set was the original Tiles. I’m very happy with them! I have MS and I lose everything! Theses Tiles have saved my butt many times! I even have one on my pill box! In short, I love them!” – ReneeDuren

Price: $34.99 (1 pack) $59.99 (2 pack)


Always on the go…you need a portable phone charger.

Promising Review: “so far so good. my phone was on the verge of dying due to the battery not staying charged, i got this to help charge when i have no access to a outlet or usb. i got it in black so it would blend, i like how small it is. fits perfectly in my purse and i can easily bring it around with me. i haven’t used it too much yet-just gave it one good charge however i think it came fully charged anyways.” – Kara

Price: $11.99


A tablet that won’t go straight to the kids. Give her a kindle to read her favorite books and relax.

Promising Review: “Excellent ebook reader, easy to carry on anywhere, and the screen is fantastic for reading!!!” – Amazon Customer

Price: $119.99


Slippers that she can wear in the winter and summer.

Promising Review: “They’re nice and cozy just not much support or cushion for the bottom of your feel.” – Anne Marie

Price: $59.95


For the working women in your life, grab her a classic looking padfolio so she can keep her papers organized for meetings and travel.

Promising Review: “This is definitely a great add on to make yourself look much more professional! Nice and sturdy will class up any look! It’s also one of the cheapest portfolios I have found! Great buy! Great deal!” – Nav

Price: $19.99


A new cookbook to roll in the new year

Promising Review: “I’ve been cooking from this at least twice a week. So far all the recipes have been BIG hits with the whole family. I even got sworn cauliflower-haters to admit to enjoying the roasted cauliflower with whipped goat cheese. Nobu’s asparagus recipe is a real winner. As is Suzanne Goin’s pork burger. None of the recipes have been difficult or too time-consuming so far.” – Kijang

Price: $22.57


A new bag that she will LOVE

Promising Review: “Great bag use it as my main go to bag thinking about getting another one in a different color love all the different pockets to put things in” – Pooh

Price: $64.99

Gift her the best cup of coffee with a new French press!

Promising review: “Ordered this french press after being introduced to french presses by a couple friends. This product blew all my expectations away. It is a simple, yet elegant press that creates about 2 large coffee cups (3 regular size) worth of coffee. While using the press, I found that it easy/smooth to press and did not leave any grounds in the coffee. Absolutely would recommend to anyone!” – Customer

Price: $25.95


Make creating lists and listening to music a breeze with Alexa.

Promising Review: “I use my Echo daily for everything from the weather to music to finding facts in dispute. The speaker is pretty good quality for the price. At first, the voice recognition of Google Home seemed superior, but I think Amazon is catching up.” – Cathy

Price: $89.99



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