We searched and searched to find the 13 most unique Christmas trees of 2012.

When most people think of Christmas trees, they envision a traditional decorated pine or fur tree. Over the years, tree trimming has shifted from sentimental ornaments, tinsel and candy canes to plastic bottles, shopping carts and cell phones. Here are a few of the most unique Christmas trees that we found.




unique christmas tree made from cds

CD Christmas tree

Displayed at Chelsea Market in NYC, this tree was made entirely of used CDs by Tom Deininger. He also used cassette tape as a blanket around the tree.


unusual christmas tree made from bottles

 Plastic Bottle tree

In 2011, Kaunas, Lithuania set a record for the largest Christmas made from recycled plastic bottles. The tree was made out of 40,000 Sprite bottles and measured at almost 43 feet. The bottles were attached using zip ties.


unusual plastic fork christmas tree

 Plastic Utensil tree

Continuing with the eco-friendly trees, this unusual Christmas tree is made totally out of clear plastic utensils.


unique christmas tree from glass bottles

Glass Water Bottle tree

This unique Christmas tree is designed from glass mineral water bottles. It took two days to assemble the 300 bottle tree.


christmas tree made from elastic cord

Elastic tree

In a London museum stands a Christmas tree made with 3.3 miles of elastic cord. The design studio was given a tight deadline and had to work with materials that they had on hand.


Glass tree

Made from 1,000 glass tubes, this Italian marvel is the world’s largest blown glass tree. It is 28-feet tall and weighs 3 tons.


unique looking lobster trap tree

Lobster Trap tree

Lobster trapping is not only a career for some people in New England, it has become an art. Creating unusual Christmas trees from lobster traps is now a competition for bragging rights on who can assemble the largest trap tree. This 50-foot tall spectacle is one of the biggest.

lego christmas tree


 Lego tree

Created from over 400,000 Lego bricks, this 30 foot Malaysian Lego Christmas was unveiled in late November. The tree also contains 260 Lego ornaments and 108 Lego LED candles.


unique artificial christmas tree made from ceramic plates

Ceramic Plate tree

Belgium has the solution to mismatched plates and cups. This unique artificial Christmas tree is almost 30-feet tall and contains about 5,000 porcelain pieces all donated by local residents. Let’s hope it doesn’t fall.


unusual artificial christmas tree made from cell phones

 Cell Phone tree

Wondering what to do with your old cell phone? This 15-foot Christmas tree is constructed from more than 2500 wireless phones. An electronic store in Vietnam put this together in 2011 to promote environmental responsibility.


shopping cart christmas tree

Shopping Cart tree 

Malls have found a new way to attract customers for the holiday season. Designed by California native, Anthony Schmitt, this Christmas tree is 33-feet tall and is made of 86 shopping carts.

 Portal tree

Calling all geeks! This tree may not be unique in material but it sure is creative in implementation.


 unique christmas tree made from ring binders

Binder tree

Made from over 600 binders, Samsill’s Binder Christmas tree really brings some holiday cheer into the office. Check out the video of how it was made.