It may only be January but what’s better than kicking off the new year with a little office joke? Here are the top 10 office pranks that we found.

Computer Pranks

AutoCorrect-Microsoft Word has an AutoCorrect feature that can turn any typed message into something else automatically. Simply go to File>Options>Proofing, AutoCorrect Options button near the top. Here you can type in your coworker’s name, title, date, etc. and then the word you want to replace it with.

Dvorak Keyboard-This simple prank consists of changing a coworker’s keyboard settings. They will think they mistyped when reality is, their keyboard settings are off. Go to the Control Panel>Clock, Language, and Region>Region and Language>Change Keyboards or other input methods. A box will come up with a Keyboards and Languages tab. On that tab, click Change keyboards then Add. This lists all of the different keyboards available. Click United States-Dvorak and watch them try to figure out what they are doing wrong.

Fake Screen-Screen shot a co-worker’s entire desktop. Save the screenshot as an image. Set the computer’s background to that image. Hide all of the icons and the taskbar so when they try to click, nothing will happen.

Cubicle pranks

Tin Foil Office-Cover EVERY thing in a coworker’s office, even pens and pencils. This might require extra time and effort.

office pranks

Air horn Chair-If you don’t mind loud noises, tape an air horn to the bottom of a coworker’s chair. The chair will naturally move down when they sit which will cause the air horn to go off.

Plastic Wrap Cubicle-Wrap a coworker’s entire cubicle in plastic wrap and fill the inside with packing peanuts.

Important Papers-Take random papers from the recycling bin, staple them in random order with a “Confidential” cover sheet and put in a coworker’s drawer or mailbox.

Community pranks

Copy machine-Make a few copies of a paperclip and place the copies back in the paper supply tray. Whatever your coworkers print will come out with a paperclip on their page that nobody will be able to find.

Annoying Beep-Make a digital recording of odd sounds like the annoying loud beep on a smoke detector and place it near your co-worker’s desk.

Printer Chit Chat-Place an official looking letter on the copy machine that explains that the machines have been upgraded to a voice-activated system and users need to speak in a low, slow voice.


Do you have a story of a funny office prank? Tell us about it below!