If you aren’t familiar with the Samsill brand, long story short – we started making binders a long time ago.

We researched journals on the market and realized that there was a big piece missing. We noticed that a person could purchase a journal with a generic quote or a popular picture, but no journal that really allowed someone to personalize to what THEY would want. These “personalized” journals weren’t really… personalized.

So, we took our knowledge of binders and incorporated that into a journal. Why not give people a space where they can personalize their journal HOWEVER they would like, or change it as many times as they would like?


Here are some features that we know you will love!

personalize journal samsill

This 4×6 slot is why we made this journal. We wanted everyone to enjoy personalizing their journal in the best way possible. One day you can have a quote, the next have a picture of your pet, the possibilities are truly endless.

personalized journal samsill

With a ribbon bookmark know exactly where you left off or highlight an important page that gets you through the day.

personalized journal samsill

….acid free, so all the important ideas in your life don’t get ruined.

Yes this band is really stretch resistant. When you are using your journal the band doesn’t sag when it’s not completely covering the journal.

personalized journal samsill

We made this a hardbound journal so your journal can go wherever you go and endure everything life throws your way.

personalized journal samsill

The expanding pocket is a must in any journal! This built-in storage is perfect for scraps of paper, sticky notes, or even stencils.


Right now this journal is available on Amazon. Show us how you personalized your journal using #GetPersonal