What You Need to Know About Napping [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that a 60-minute nap can improve your alertness for up to 10 hours? Or that Napoleon napped between battles while sitting on his horse? These are just a few of the many interesting facts in this infographic on napping via Patio Productions. […]

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How to Curb Negativity in the Office [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether it be an employee or coworker, there is bound to be at least one Negative Nancy in your office. This infographic from Boxer Property shows some characteristics of negative people and how to properly work with them. […]

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Biggest Work Place Time Wasters [INFOGRAPHIC]

Research has shown that it’s good to take breaks from work every so often but are you taking too many and not realizing it? This infographic from Yast breaks down the biggest work place time wasters. […]

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How to Make Your Work Place Enjoyable [INFOGRAPHIC]

In these increasingly difficult economic times, an enjoyable office can translate into a competitive advantage for your business. […]

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The Office Games [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have things slowed down around the office since summer started? Take one of the office game challenges to help your work day go by a little faster. […]

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The Pros & Cons of Cubicles [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you refer to your cubicle as your second home? Here’s a funny infographic on office hierarchy and cubicles. […]

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4 Ways Your Desk Destroys Your Productivity [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic shows you 4 ways your desk maybe obstructing your workflow. […]

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Wellness at Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

April 1st through 6th is National Workplace Wellness week. This infographic from Intuit gives you some tips on how to create environments that alleviate stress and fatigue while promoting productivity and creativity. […]

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America Recycles Day is a nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States. Take a look at this infographic on recycling for some interesting facts from Reuse This Bag. […]

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30 Amazing Sculptures Made out of Cardboard

We are no stranger to cardboardat Samsill.  We make the RAW binder which is highly durabletype of chipboard/cardboard. All of our binders had some form of chipboard between the sheets of Polypropylene. We know our way around cardboard, but Chris Gilmour brings cardboard to an entirely different level. Via Chris Gilmour via TwistedSiftler  […]

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