Baseball season is finally here! The joy of stadium popcorn and a hot dog on a hot summer day is always a time to be missed. Have you brought out your baseball card collection yet? Are you constantly looking for the most unique cards? We are too (especially being right next door to the Texas Rangers).

Did you know that baseball cards became popular in the mid 19th century when baseball and photography were gaining popularity? Most cards are only worth pennies while a 1914 Baby Ruth card and a 1909 Honus Wagner are both valued for over $3 million dollars.

Did you know that the  1991 Nolan Ryan Pacific baseball card is one of the most valuable?  (Because who doesn’t want a baseball card with the pitcher still pitching with a bloody lip?) And did you also know that Alex Rodriguez played for the Rangers for a period of time?


To honor these amazing baseball cards we created two free printables to jazz up your collection.

baseball card collection

baseball printout

baseball printout 2