What’s in Your Bag

Altego’s newly released Channel Stitched Ruby series and Coated Canvas Cyan series laptop cases lend themselves to a variety of users from mobile workers, daily commuters, medical professionals to  on-the-go parents. So we asked a few users What’s in Your Bag?  Here are some of the pictures we got. DAILY COMMUTER: “I’m a female and yes I prefer to carry a laptop backpack, it allows my hands to be free and the weight of the bag to be centered which is necessary since my laptop is a 17” – 7lbs all on its own. Since I live an hour+ from work I commute with all I could need in a day.  Of course my laptop and power cord are a given but I also carry a USB mouse just in case the traffic is too heavy I can stop and work mid commute and wait out that nasty traffic.  My Kindle and ear buds are a personal entertainment must.  I always have a water and a snack.  It is so nice to be able to carry all this without even coming close to maxing out this backpack.”   […]