Back to School on a Budget

Can you believe that we are talking about back to school shopping? For many of us, this can be a very expensive time of the year. On average back to school supplies, plus extracurricular fees per child (depending on grade) ranges from $649 - $1,497 according to the U.S. Department of Education. No one ever [...]

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4 Steps to Being More Productive at Work

So, you’re at your work desk at least 40 hours a week. Which is no surprise that we are in our office more than any other place. So why not make this space a little more homie? Our thoughts exactly. We did a little Pinterest research to see what small changes we could make to [...]

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How to Kill it at Your Next Job Interview

Whether you are a recent grad or someone looking to make a switch, a job interview can always be stressful. Especially when you have to analyze yourself and what your greatest weaknesses and strengths are. You must be prepared. Before you get a call for your next job interview you must be prepared to send [...]

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Do People Still Hand Out Business Cards?

Our world is swamped with being digital. Email has replaced letters, Facebook has replaced traditional advertising budgets, and attending meetings can be conferenced in. But for business cards? We can’t exactly network and ask people to connect with us on LinkedIn as a way of sharing our profession. Think back to when you exchanged business [...]

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10 Father’s Day Gifts that Don’t Have the Word ‘Dad’ on Them

  Did you know that Father’s Day has been celebrated since the Middle Ages? Father’s Day is also a holiday that is celebrated worldwide with the popular celebration dates being in March or May. In the United States, Father’s Day was not celebrated outside of Catholic traditions. It transitioned into a civic celebration after Mother’s [...]

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14 Free Printables for Making Your Vacation Planning Easier

It’s finally summer and what does that mean? Summer vacations of course! What does that also mean, probably a lot of time in the car or in an airport with the kiddos. And keeping them occupied can sometimes be a struggle. We created free printables to help detour the dreaded “are we there yet” question. [...]

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Featured Favorite – Duo and Trio

Paper organization can sometimes be a tricky thing to tackle; whether you are trying to keep yourself, kids or clients organized. We kept all those paper struggles in mind and created our DUO and TRIO. For our DUO we combined a one inch, 3 ring binder with a 7 pocket accordion style expanding file folder. [...]

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Featured Favorite – Pop n’ Store Boxes

A box that can pop up in 5 seconds and then collapse in the same amount of time? Yes, we created a storage box that not only has functionality but looks beautiful in your home. We are going to take a moment to brag about how awesome and innovative our Pop n’ Store boxes are. [...]

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A Trip to Pittsburgh – NAPO Conference Review

When we decided to make our second return to the NAPO conference we were so excited to travel to Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania and meet everyone that we have only met once, or only through the internet. We couldn’t wait to show off our new products and ideas that haven’t even launched and hit the market yet. [...]

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New Arrival Alert

Over the past month, we have shown you 2 of our new products and it's time to show off our 3rd! We added 2 new padfolios to our executive line. We've added some new bells and whistles to make your professional endeavors that much easier. The majority of the new features are similar among the two [...]

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