Why Establishing A Morning and Night Time Routine Will Save Time

Do you have a morning routine? There are some mornings that seem to be easier than others, but most consist of the same reminders to your kids such as “don’t forget to brush your teeth” or just the real simple “get dressed”. What if you could hold your kids more accountable for their routine in [...]

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Six Ways to Use Binders to Organize the School Year

Binders are on every back to school list. And the possibilities of organizing with these tools is endless. We put together our favorite ways in which you can make binder organization a little more fun for your students through the school year.   Organize Art Do you ever find yourself at the end of the [...]

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No More Lost Homework – How to Organize Your Kids for Back to School

The school year can be chaotic. There is an abundance of paper, places to be, and general life ups and downs. Frustration is a main feeling I’m sure most of us can understand. What if this year – starting before back to school, you and the kids got organized? What better time then right before [...]

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How to Organize Your Homeschool Answer Keys with Becky

Becky is a homeschool master! She created a system to store all her daughters answer keys and tests. A one place stop for test organization! Watch her explain more in details!  

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Save Time and Create a Homework Station

Remember last year when the kids would sit down and do their homework and some of those times they needed extra materials or tools to complete their homework? Then that turns into time wasted trying to gather up materials. Stop wasting time this year and create a homework station! You will find that this is [...]

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sesudah kita mengulas lebih dalam tentang permainan judi online bandarqq, sehingga terhadap peluang kali ini kami hendak menginformasikan terhadap seluruhnya penikmat judi online bandarqq mengenai kiat bergabung & dapat cepat main-main tidak dengan mesti memakan kala yg lama. Sebenarnya buat proses bergabung sendiri tidaklah susah, kamu cuma mesti mempunyai rekening bank aktif yg terhadap intinya [...]

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How to Organize for the Back to School Season – Parent Edition

Organizing your kids is one thing during the school year, but to keep yourself organized is just as important for a smooth year. Between the kid’s activities, homework assignments, papers that need signed, and everything else in between it’s hard to keep everything straight. Creating a centrally located place where we can keep everything helps [...]

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Back to school supplies are popping up everywhere! It's that time of year where we at least need to begin thinking about purchasing supplies for the new school year! Here is a video from Becky, with A Place to Nest show us what her go-to products are!    

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Paper Organization with Nikki

There is a lot of organizing that goes into keeping kids organized. This paper organization project, from Nikki with Carry Grace, goes through organizing kids and school work. Whether you are homeschooling or not, these paper organizational tips are for you! Nikki goes through where she stores all of her paper for her homeschool room. [...]

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Homeschool Room Tour with Ashlee

If you're sitting here reading or watching then you probably have an area in your home that you are trying to get more organized. Are we right? Staying organized is every ending "project". Especially as your kiddos grow and your space changes. We partnered with Ashlee with Grace and Grit to see how she organizes and [...]

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