Create a fun and memorable St. Patrick’s Day for your kiddos with a DIY leprechaun trap! This project took no more than 30 minutes.

What you will need:

  • A box (we used a Medium Pop n’ Store box)
  • Gold Coins
  • Green Paper Shred
  • A little Basket
  • Construction Paper
  • String (we used fishing line)
  • Tape
  • Scissors

diy leprechaun trap


Step 1: With your construction paper get all the colors of the rainbow. You will then create a rainbow to stick on your box to lure your leprechaun into your box.

Step 2: Take the green construction paper and wrap your box. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

Step 3: Take your beautifully crafted rainbow and tape that onto your box.

Step 4: Figure out how much string you will need to have your little basket hanging inside the box. Tape the hanging basket inside your box. Fill it up with some gold coins.

Step 5: Take the top of your box and fill it with the paper shred. Put some gold coins along the shred for a luring effect.

Finally, figure out where you will have your lure box. We used a colored pencil to keep the bottom of the box from falling. You now have a leprechaun trap!

diy leprechaun trap