7 People You Should Befriend at Work

When you don’t quite know your way around the office—or even if you do—it’s good to know people in high places. But by “high places,” we don’t necessarily mean the executive suite. While buddying up with the CEO probably wouldn’t hurt, there are a few other well-known office archetypes who can really help you out. So, when you’re kicking off a new job, seek out these seven officemates—stat. […]

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What You Need to Know About Napping [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that a 60-minute nap can improve your alertness for up to 10 hours? Or that Napoleon napped between battles while sitting on his horse? These are just a few of the many interesting facts in this infographic on napping via Patio Productions. […]

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Bagi tiap-tiap penjudi, menang yakni salah satu maksud perdana mereka waktu duduk di meja perjudian, dalam dunia perjudian sendiri tidak sedikit sekali ragam kategori permainan yg sanggup kamu mencoba, salah satu type perjudian yg paling ternama & lumayan populer hingga waktu ini yaitu judi domino online. Permainan judi dominoQQ online ini telah pass lama ada, [...]

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How to Balance Work and Play on Your Business Trip

  Do you find yourself visiting an endless array of amazing cities around the world on business, only to leave each one without seeing anything besides the inside of an office and a hotel? There is another way! Read on for our top tips on how to make the most of your free time on your business trip. […]

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4 Work Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

When you’re the new person at work, you do everything in your power to stay on your best behavior. You show up to the office early, leave late, dress conservatively and absolutely never, ever check your Facebook page from your work computer. But, as the weeks go by, it’s easy to slide into a sense of comfort and let your guard down. Soon you’re missing deadlines, tweeting covertly, making excuses as to why you’re not as productive as before, and in general, setting yourself up for a not-so-great performance review. So what happened? Well, it’s simple — you forgot the basics. If you’re looking for a way to get back into gear, follow these easy (but often ignored) bits of advice. […]

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Anatomy of a Happy Office [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Sitting At Work: Why It’s Dangerous And What You Can Do

By now, many of us know the damage we’re doing in sedentary desk jobs. Emerging research shows that sitting for long periods of time contributes to risk of metabolic syndrome, heart attack and stroke risk and overall death risk, among others. Those who sit a great deal also have lower life expectancies, larger bottoms and slower metabolisms. “Prolonged sitting has been shown to disrupt metabolic function resulting in increased plasma triglyceride levels, decreased levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and decreased insulin sensitivity,” Dr. Hidde van der Ploeg, a senior research fellow at the University of Sydney’s School of Public Health in Australia, told TIME’s Healthland. Van der Ploeg and colleagues found that sitting for 11 or more hours per day increased risk of death by 40 percent, regardless of other activity levels. But given the nature of our work environments, there is often very little that can be done — even Team Healthy Living must sit for most of the 8 to 10 hours we work in the office each day, and we study this stuff. Unfortunately, research shows that extra-curricular trips to the gym — running the mornings before work or hitting up a post-office spin class — can’t undo the effects of a day spent on one’s behind. That means the only available option is to remake our work environments. How can you avoid the dreaded effects of the insidious office sit-in? First of all, it’s important to note that standing is no panacea. As Men’s Health reported: Prolonged standing can lead to the development of musculoskeletal disorders, especially in the legs, knees and lower back. While you can stand for as long as it feels comfortable, most experts recommend a 50:50 sit-stand ration. With that in mind, here are a few strategies to help incorporate more activity during the work day: […]

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The Office Supply Personality Oracle

Which office supply do you  prefer? Pick one and the Omniscient Oracle of Shoplet.com can tell you everything about your personality.   1. The Stapler.   […]

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How to Curb Negativity in the Office [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether it be an employee or coworker, there is bound to be at least one Negative Nancy in your office. This infographic from Boxer Property shows some characteristics of negative people and how to properly work with them. […]

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8 Tech Etiquette Tips to Enforce in Your Office

The modern workplace is full of potential pitfalls, meaning you have to be on your toes to make, and maintain, the right impression with your co-workers and colleagues. It’s not just for the sake of politeness — more than three-quarters of HR managers recently polled by Robert Half said technology etiquette breaches can affect a person’s career prospects. We’ve taken a look at tech etiquette in a contemporary company setting for some useful advice offering up-to-date “do’s and don’ts” for the digital age. Have a read through our guidelines below. In the comments, share your tips for staying on the right side of polite in the workplace. 1. Never Unplug a Device on Charge It may sometimes be a scramble to find a socket to juice up your dying gadgetry, but the “first come, first served” rule stands fast in this area. You must never unplug another device that’s on charge without first checking that it’s okay to do so. Always, always, always ask — and if you can’t find device’s owner, then walk away and find another outlet. For all you know, the gadget’s owner might be about to head into a vitally important meeting or call and need all the juice they can get. […]

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