Gifts for the December Grads

Do you know someone that is about to graduate college and go off into the real world? If you do and you are not sure what a graduate would need, we figured it out for you! Grads have a lot of new changes ahead of them and items they need to succeed at their new [...]

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Recipe Binder DIY

Thanksgiving is next week and you might be feeling overwhelmed and unorganized if you are preparing dinner. You probably have a stack of recipes from Pinterest, magazines, and family members and trying to shuffle through them all. Recipe binders are perfect for storing loss papers, it is easily accessible, helps with meal planning, and it [...]

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10 Timeless Gifts for Men

Yes, it is that time of year again to start thinking of Christmas gifts. Can you only think of socks and ties for him? If you are having trouble thinking of a gift or want something that is unique we researched it all so you don’t have to! Give him a gift that he will [...]

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3 Tips for a Cleaner Office Refrigerator

Worried about co-workers eating your next meal that you place in the office refrigerator? You might want to consider putting your lunch in the office restroom. It is a surprise to most people that storing your lunch in the office restroom is safer than the office refrigerator, according to one study. Here are three ways [...]

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Giant Spider DIY

It’s the start of the holiday season and Halloween is quickly approaching. We put together this easy DIY spider that will make people turn their heads and only take you an hour too complete! First and foremost, here is the shopping list: Product number one is cardboard. You only need about ¼ of what you [...]

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3 Reasons to Switch to Biobased Products

Plastic is everywhere. You probably have several pieces of plastic somewhere around you right now. We benefit from plastic every day but what if there was a way to make it even better? There is a “new” type of plastic product on the market that you may not have heard about and it is referred [...]

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We recently traveled outside of our cubicles to a delicious restaurant in Fort Worth, TX called Righteous. Not only did they have amazing food they had an unbelievable atmosphere. We were fortunate enough to shoot some of our favorite products here.   Here is an inside look to this beautiful shoot. Vintage Hardback Portfolio: see [...]

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DIY Boss's Day Mug

Happy Boss's Day! If you plan on giving a small gift in appreciation to your boss, we have just the solution for you.   Here's what you'll need: a plain colored mug sharpies rubbing alcohol q-tip oven   Decide on what you want the mug to say. Naturally, we deemed "Like a Boss" appropriate.   [...]

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DIY Binder Dividers

If you have been to any store that has school supplies, you might have noticed that everything out there is full of colors and patterns. This DIY is simple and quick if you don’t want to buy dividers and can easily customize your own. Supplies: Card Stock Washi Tape Scissors 3 Hole Punch Binder Marker […]

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DIY No-Sew Fabric Binder

Fabric covered binders are becoming super popular but can be pretty pricey. But you can make your own for a fraction of the cost and you can choose whatever fabric you like. It also doesn’t take a lot of time to customize your binder for your home or back to school. Supplies: Binder (Sam’s Club is having a great deal on 1″ binders just in time for back to school) Fabric Spray Adhesive Glue Glue gun scissors Lay out your binder on the fabric so you can cut it down a little bit to make gluing more manageable. […]

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