7 Office Gifts for the Game of Thrones Fan

Millions of people watch Game of Thrones, so the odds of you shopping for someone for Christmas that loves this popular TV show is pretty great. We found 7 gift ideas that any GOT fan will love for their office! For all the Game of Thrones fans. A dragon stapler is sure to frighten off any [...]

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11 Gifts for Law Students on Amazon

Law school isn’t cheap. Help them by getting the things they would like but can’t afford because the cost of textbooks has taken most of their budget.   Law students give the term “all-nighter” an entirely different meaning. They aren’t only pulling all-nighters for midterms and finals but throughout the entire semester. Help them out [...]

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My First Year of Bullet Journaling…Will I Continue?

Ending a journal is a bittersweet emotion. It’s like that feeling when you turn the last page of a book. It’s this emotional connection of something ending. This journal has been beside you through creative ups and downs. Memories have been logged but never forgotten. To do lists that still have items that need crossed [...]

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Fight Office Sicknesses with These 9 Products from Amazon

Have that co-worker that should probably go home but continues to sneeze and cough throughout the day? We’ve all been in this situation, and we put up all our defenses to repel germs. 70% of employees admit to coming to work sick. There’s no amount of hand sanitizer, Lysol, or wipes to knock the germs [...]

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12 Halloween Costumes Perfect for Work

Instead of walking into a Halloween store (that probably doesn’t have anything appropriate for a work environment) we put together some ideas that are budget and work friendly. First decide if you will be dressing up as a group or as an individual. Some employers encourage group costumes because they allow employees to work together [...]

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Why We Celebrate #NationalManufacturingDay

"Nature does not rush and yet everything is accomplished." In 2014, National Manufacturing Day became an official holiday. A day that we are very excited about and a day that gives us an excuse to tell everyone our story. (Because it’s actually a pretty cool story to tell.) It all started with 2 brothers that [...]

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How to Turn a Plain Journal into a Personalized Masterpiece

  Do you ever find yourself searching the entire internet for something in your head but come up short handed? Sometimes it’s just easier to make something yourself instead of searching and searching for the perfect product. We’ve been embossing our own products for years, but we wanted to take it a step further and [...]

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Maintaining Your Home….With a Binder

Becoming a homeowner is a huge stepping stone and accomplishment in life. But then we start realizing all the work and maintenance that goes into keeping your home functioning and eliminating larger, more costly problems. It’s best to break these chores up into seasons. Mainly because there are some things that are better done at [...]

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How to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

It still feels like summer for most of us but fall is either here or right around the corner. With the fresh air comes the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and prepare your home for winter. Each season is broken up into a separate to-do-list. Some items you may need to wait on or [...]

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Fall into Cleaning + Free Checklist

Anyone else prefer a good deep cleaning in fall over spring? It’s something about opening the windows, enjoying the crisp air and the smell of fall that is the perfect combination for a cleaning day. (Not to mention if you are expecting holiday guests, this is a great time to knock cleaning off your to-do [...]

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