Get Summer Ready with a DIY Fitness Binder + Free Printables

  So, it’s that time again where summer is on the horizon. Which means shorts, tanks, and the dreaded swimsuit. If you clicked on this you are one step closer to not hating those three words as much. There is almost too much information out there to achieving your health goals. So much so, that [...]

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New Personalized Journal with Video

If you aren’t familiar with the Samsill brand, long story short – we started making binders a long time ago. We researched journals on the market and realized that there was a big piece missing. We noticed that a person could purchase a journal with a generic quote or a popular picture, but no journal [...]

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DIY Healthy Recipe Binder

A binder is a great place to store all your favorite recipes. A few months ago, we created a DIY recipe binder just for this purpose. But then we got thinking…wouldn’t it be nice to have a binder just for all your healthy food options?! Our answer of course was yes. It is an easy [...]

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Jazzing up your Baseball Card Collection

Baseball season is finally here! The joy of stadium popcorn and a hot dog on a hot summer day is always a time to be missed. Have you brought out your baseball card collection yet? Are you constantly looking for the most unique cards? We are too (especially being right next door to the Texas Rangers). [...]

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How to Catch a Leprechaun – DIY Trap

  Create a fun and memorable St. Patrick's Day for your kiddos with a DIY leprechaun trap! This project took no more than 30 minutes. What you will need: A box (we used a Medium Pop n' Store box) Gold Coins Green Paper Shred A little Basket Construction Paper String (we used fishing [...]

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12 Game Changing Organizational Products + Free Spring Cleaning Printable checklist

Spring cleaning always turns into a bigger mess, but that’s kind of the point, right? Removing everything from its place, deciding on if it stays or goes, and then reorganizing. In every room a good rule of thumb is to have a donate, trash, and organize bin. If you are on Pinterest there are a [...]

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Samsill Binders #GoingGreen

  Want to learn more about our biobased binders? Read more: 3 Reasons to Switch to Biobased Products  or  Samsill and Biomaterials

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How to Create a Wedding Organizer + Free Printables

So, you just got engaged, now what? The joy of planning a wedding has fallen on your shoulders and you don’t know where to start. This process can be overwhelming but if you start organizing at the beginning everything will fall into place. (You probably already have a Pinterest wedding board, so you’re already ahead [...]

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Girl’s Guide to March Madness

March Madness, what is the hype all about? When date night turns into which bar has the best games on or out of question completely. Want to join in on all the fun and give the boys a run of their money? We breakdown everything you need to know about the madness that is about to [...]

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How to Organize Your Computer #cleanoutyourcomputerday

Computers dominate our home and professional life and it is easy to get into a routine of saving a file here or there for a brief moment to speed up a project. Keeping un-needed programs and files slow down your computer. That is why there is an entire day devoted to organizing your computer and [...]

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